Jacqueline Davis: Surface Handmade Designer and Producer

While video production is the heart and soul of Metro, we also appreciate a variety of art forms, which is why our latest Artist Profile features the lovely Jacqueline Davis of Surface Handmade. She's only 24, but the jewelry and accessories designer has already made a name for herself in Richmond. Surface Handmade offers one-of-a-kind items that are available in a variety of retail shops and online. Davis's designs are understated yet elegant, and are the perfect statement pieces for all you minimalists out there. Each piece is carefully crafted with materials such as clay and glaze, leather, and sterling silver. 

Read Davis's interview below and visit her shop to see the full collection of beautiful items!


Where are you from? I grew up outside Nashville, Tennessee in a town called Franklin.

Tell us a little bit about your educational background. I recently graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) with a BA in Fashion Merchandising.

When did Surface Handmade start? It started during my final year of college as a side project and quickly grew into my main focus/current life project.  

What does an average day at work look like? I work out of a home studio, so it is pretty relaxed. However, I do set strict deadlines for myself. Being your own boss is about knowing how to motivate yourself.


Where do you find your greatest inspiration?  Other people! My daily life is flooded with inspiration from social media, community, and friends. There are so many great, talented people in the world.

What is your favorite piece in your collection? The piece I haven’t made yet! Haha. I enjoy all of my designs, but I will always love creating new pieces and the next one always becomes my favorite.


How do you prevent getting burnt out? I try to experiment with different products and techniques. Having a comfortable work environment definitely helps--it is nice to be able to walk away and come back when you need to.   

What’s your favorite part of the accessory-making business? Meeting shop owners and other makers/artists. There is a nice sense of community in the handmade market where everyone supports each other.


What advice do you have for someone hoping to have a design/artistic career? Hard work always pays off.

What’s next for the company? There will be new designs coming out this autumn and next spring, along with some accents for the home!


All photos via Surface Handmade's website and Instagram. 

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