Meet Piet!

We're proud to introduce Piet Zaner, our new business manager! We're thrilled to have him on our team. Check out Piet's interview to learn more about him.

 Tell us a little bit about your background. My professional background is in accounting and financial management. After high school and a four-year stint in the Army, I received my bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of South Florida (Go Bulls!). This was then capped off with a CPA license, which I used for the few years I spent in public accounting and real estate.  Over the last decade, I've held various senior management roles at both small and national companies. My education and experiences have led me to a point in my career where I am very comfortable leading an organization, financially speaking, and where called upon operationally as well.

 What made you join the Metro family? I felt inclined to join Metro following pivotal meetings with key members of the Metro family. I trust my instincts when it comes to people, and after spending time with Ray Walsh, it was obvious to me that he and the company stood strong on a platform of integrity. In addition, I had great initial interactions with Tracy Yachem, Christina Ferris, Gary Shipman, and Jim Miller. I quickly realized this was an opportunity to join a winner of a company! Now after about a month of service, I've gotten to know our staff and it's easy to see they're full of extreme talent and passion, which confirms I made the right decision.

 What do you hope to bring to the table as you start your new position? First, I understand how to manage people and can balance the personalities found in such a creative industry with the appropriate level of oversight required to ensure sound business policies and procedures are maintained. Next, my experience in job costing and project management will result in an elevated assurance that we are profitable in each and every job, as well as within the company as a whole. Above all, I believe in respect and care when it comes to the people that fuel this business. We will listen and empathize, we will mentor, and we will engage the talents of our team in an effort to empower as we accomplish great things at Metro Productions.

Who are your role models? Surely there are those who've made a strong impression on me over time, such as my parents and a few business mentors. But for the most part, I believe in gleaning knowledge from everyone we encounter in our daily lives. I might catch myself observing solid customer service skills from a waitress at the deli, or maybe I pause and reflect on the negotiating techniques of Francis Underwood in House of Cards. Often I just look in the mirror and ask that the best man possible stare back at me.

 What is a quote that inspires youAs I just referenced House of Cards and since some classic quotes have recently emerged from my Netflix experience of this series, how about, “Imagination is its own form of courage,” from the Underwood character. Or, recently I found the moment to use this one in our manager’s meeting: “Hope is not a strategy,”which I believe may have been first uttered by (former) Mayor Rudy Giuliani, but surely was coined by Dr. Benjamin Ola Akande as the title of his 2009 letter to President Obama regarding the economy. 

 What do you like to do on your days off?  I've really come to love a day on the golf course. It's such a wonderful experience playing a game while being surrounded by nature. I typically start any day off with a workout, because this seems to clear my head and sends endorphin signals through my brain, but later I might find myself seeking a good meal and relaxing with friends or family over a glass of wine. Whatever it takes to ensure I wake up refreshed and ready for action when a new week begins.