What's Going On

Almost a month has passed since my last blog post, so it's time for an update! Things are going well and we're all very excited to see a little bit of sunshine after the bad weather caused by Hurricane Joaquin blew over (haha, get it, blew over?! Bad hurricane joke for the win). 

Here's a quick recap of what's been going on at Metro these last few weeks:


On Location in North Carolina

Our crew recently spent several days on a fun shoot in North Carolina. Everyone had a great time, even though most of the filming was in the toasty outdoors. As a result, please ignore the sweat stains you may or may not notice on people's shirts.





TruCool Studio Shoot

In September, we had an amazing studio shoot for the Carpenter Company's new TruCool pillow. Things got a little wild as you can tell from the pictures. I was very excited because my ankles and calves were going to make an appearance in the video, but alas, that scene ended up being cut. Pretty devastating stuff. See the final video below!



Evan's Award

We are proud of our Account Executive Evan Boyle for receiving the Dale Carnegie's Sales Skills Champion Award. In addition to being a rockstar on the sales team, Evan is super modest and probably didn't want this much attention placed on him, but oh well, he deserves it. Forgive the less-than-ideal picture quality...we were all too busy eating Evan's celebratory cake to take out our nice cameras to capture the moment, so an iPhone had to do. Sorry, Evan. 


Welcome, Tom!

As you may have seen on our Twitter or Facebook, we've added a member to the Metro family! Tom Heckbert is our new senior editor and post-production supervisor. He joins us from Florida and we're excited to have him. We haven't forced him to get his picture taken yet, so there's no fun head shot to include with this announcement, but stay tuned.  We look forward to getting to know Tom better!